More than 10 years of overseas construction experience

We launched our overseas business expansion for the first time in 2005 A.D. in Shanghai.By starting production of Japanese order furnitures and trade of building materials we came up with experience of interior design and construction of stores in China ,Taiwan ,Singapore and Malaysia.
Later in 2012 A.D. we established our affiliated company in Malaysia.These expertise gained in13 years became source of corporate development.
Based on these experieces we are working on day to day business involved to set up prosperous store in Malaysia.

Japanese staff corresponding affiliated company and Japanese Group company

As we have corporation in Malaysia as well as Japan ,it is possible to have meetings in either of the country .
It is also possible to ask our customers to determine the materials as well in Japan and procure the similar materials to Malaysia.One of our Japanese staff will correspond in Malaysia.
In Japan,We have record of design and construction of more than 500 stores set up.

Cost Pursuit and Quality control

Based on construction experience of more than 500 stores in Japan and more than 10 years of overseas experience,we are continuing with the pursuit of cost and quality .
Depending upon the needs of customers regarding cost ,quality ,time of delivery and by selecting country of procurement ,we meet the expectations of our customers.

Three examples of cost pursuit and quality control

「Example 1」If the design is decided by designers in Japan

  • A Control of cost and quality with the competitive quotation from local interior trader and isolated orders as much as possible .

    (We have furniture manufacturing alliance factory in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.)

1 Meetings in Japan receiving instructions of materials and layout from design office in Japan (Cost Reduction)
2 Raising similar material in Malaysia and checking the sample getting mailed to Japan (Cost Reduction)
3 Submission of quotation once the material is approved.
4 Once the order is taken then layout design is produced.
5 If the building materials are not found in Malaysia then we trade from Japan emphasizing quality and design of Japan.
6 The actual material with perfect layout is produced and site construction is started.
7 During th site construction ,we share the pictures of site regularly to the clients.(Cost Reduction)
8 Once the construction is completed ,check for handover.
9 Greetings to the store owner ,Open.

「Example 2」If both design and construction is requested to our company

  • B Cost and quality control by trade of builiding materials and equipment from Japan to A the site and constructing.

1 Producing image collage and having a meeting on directions, with clients in Japan .(Cost Reduction)
2 Requesting a drafting first to our partner company in China and passed one gets drafted in company of Malaysia. (Cost Reduction)
3 Meeting on the finished basic design in Japan and re-design the unaccepted part.
4 Start a quotation if the design in Japan is confirmed.
5 Adjustment of amount and contents and forward to client.
6 Getting a deal in Japanese Yen for the trade of building materials from Japan and deal in RM for the amount of construction in Malaysia.(Cost Reduction)
7 During th site construction ,we share the pictures of site regularly to the clients.(Cost Reduction)
8 Once the construction is completed , check for handover.
9 Greetings to the store owner ,Open.

「Example 3」Manufacturing furnitures in China and trade to Malaysia and construct

  • C Cost and quality control by trade of building materials and other hardwares from Japan to china and getting assembled and then deliver to A Malaysia.

1 Meeting in Japan regarding furnitures and interior design.
2 Ordering production of furnitures in China (Other equipments specification includes trade from Japan and Germany origin).
3 Japanese does inspection of items in China and ship them in accordance with the schedule in Malaysia.
4 In Malaysia the assembling,setting and fine site adjustment takes place.
5 Simple site coressepondence are produced in local place Malaysia.
6 Handover,Open

*We have been ordering,thinking on the balance of cost and delivery time at maximum.