• I am looking forward to open a store in Malaysia,how far will i be able to get a support?
  • In our company not only design and construction but the following support is also possible.
  • (1)The local corporation establishment (2)Government Permission application of restaurant
    (3)Property Guidance and research (4)Recruitment (5)Introduce Food suppliers
    (6)Application of the liquor license (7) Introduce alcohol distributor (8)Sales promotion support etc

  • What kind of license are required for opening a restaurant ?
  • In our company not only design and construction but the following support is also possible.
  • (1)Business license (2)Liquor license (3)Sign Application (4)Gas opening application
    As it might consume time to gain a license so early procedures will be required.

  • Is it possible to get a schedule until opening of restaurant ?
  • This is general system, in the case of tenant it also depends upon the owner of building.
  • (1)Field study (Dimensioning) (2)Basic design perspective production (3)Meeting (4)Final design (5)Quotation presentation (6)Meeting of the flexibility on the amount proposed (7)Revise of diagram (8)Start of construction (9)Subimssion of application documents (10)Handover (11)OPEN
    In case of owner various pattern is assumed.It is important to get a prior information as it might take a time to get a permission during the absence of owner.

  • As i think the cost rises in the case of Japanese affiliated company,would it be allright?
  • We aim at the localized company. Regarding subcontractors,we select suppliers suitable for the project and adjust receiving best quotations from them.
  • As per the contents of property we adjust by doing separate order or by trade of building materials from overseas.In addition rather than being directly known as local company we have been striving for our customer`s relief focusing on the quality and schedule management.

  • How would you support on meetings of store opening ?
  • Customer based in Japan is being supported in Japan and customers based in Malaysia are being supported with meetings in their local place.
  • Others,We have also been providing Skype meetings.

  • The cost of construction will be dealt in currency of which country?
  • Baically we are asking for Malasian Ringgit RM.
  • As quotation made in Japanese Yen might not be helpful because of the fluctuation in exchange rate, so we have been talking in Malaysian RM.In addition if you want to buy building materials and display items in Japan then Japanese Yen is workable.According to GST from 4th April 2015 goods and service tax is about to be 6%.
    For more information ,Please refer JETRO home page

  • Is it possible to ask for either only design or only construction?
  • Only a design is not a problem.
  • In addition regarding construction ,as we have a record of 6-8 local companies and bid property so there is no problem.
    Moreover it is most fun on both design and construction.

  • How would you support on after maintenance?
  • Maintenance after delivery is always inherent.
    We will definitely call the worker who constructed and get a contact to company and correspond at earliest.
  • Basically,it take 6 months for interior decorations,2 years for water proofing construction and 1 year for kitchen instrumentation.

  • Is the construction cost for Malaysia is cheaper than Japan?
  • First ,it depends upon as you know the fluctuation of exchange rate.
  • Second,as Malaysia is aimed to enter into developed country from developing countries in 2020 A.D. because of this scenario there is rise of materials cost that rely on import and also increase in the labor cost and the third one is the introduction of GST starting in 4th April 2015.
    When we think on these points then Asia is just dramatically cheap and we think construction cost also gradually increases in further days.It will also be necessary for us to ensure the special supply route of building materials.

  • In Malaysia upto which state will you correspond?
  • Basically,we have provided base in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur but we will correspond from entire place of Malaysia to ASEAN countries.