Condominium ,House Design and Construction

Our company think that the design and construction of condominium and house is broadly divided into two types of concepts.

1 - Rented property purposed for the investment property (Income Gaining)
2 - Owned property as permanent or second house purposed for ones living.

In the case of 1, As it the investment property ,we think the focus on suppress of yielding cost will definitely be the base.However ,in the developing countries with rush in condominium construction ,it is difficult to put an aditional value on property without co-ordination.
For example let`s think about the room of same condominium with simple furnitures bought from market and room co-ordinated with house fixtures.
Don`t you think definitely the co-ordinated room will be possible to get borrowed by customers immediately?
We Sakura Design Centre propose co-ordination of investment property that is determined including our experience till now.

Again in the new condominium if same type of let`s suppose 10 rooms gets arranged in unit then rental market gets into the condition of difficulty in price breaking and the highly expected rental room will also continue with unborrowed condition.

Though its our experience,even in the condominium we have been living right now while being guided by an agent it was difficult for us to search rooms we really liked, rooms with different decoration of furnitures (unique design).While thinking about renting we recommend to make a basic design space that could be accepted by everyone.

In the case of 2,We co-ordinate as our customer`s claimed type of space emphasizing on planning of an individual who is going to live.Our company propose completely original design of our customer`s everyday living space with design of room unique and individually even from the same building.
Moreover,with a propose of trade biulding materials from china which is one of our strength and custom furniture manufactured in Japanese management ,we deliver to the site.